California Refrigeration Co.
California Refrigeration Co.  Serving Santa Clara County for over 35 years
California Refrigeration Co.  Serving Santa Clara County for over 35 years
CA. LIC.  475707
a Division of Calrefco, Inc
Serving Santa Clara County for over 36 Years
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Who Wins?     Who Looses?
Tips on getting the most for your money.....
without getting left out in the  HEAT !   
                                     by Richard DeCruz

Wouldn't it be Great if buying Commercial Refrigeration Equipment were as easy as buying a car?  Unfortunately, it's not that easy.

Lighting the Fuse to a Bidding War without first having all of your Parameters and  Specifications firmly established can be Risky Business.
Commercial Consumers are faced with many decisions when purchasing equipment, and sometimes, in the midst of all the unknowns,  its just easier to go for price and figure that if it doesn't work right, well......we'll just get them back out to make it work right.  Don't count on it !  Know what you are getting for your money, right from the start.

Here are a few Tips that can help you do just that. (follow the links for additional info on that particular subject)

For reference,  in this writing I will be referring to Walk-in Freezers as "Low Temp." and Regular Walk-ins (34 to 39 Deg F) as "High Temp."

1) Set up a Guideline of your Requirements:

- Box Size (Length, Width and Ceiling Height)
- Skin Material (Alum., SST, Galvanized etc.)
- Temperature Requirements
- Field Piping Standards Request
- Humidity Requirements
(High temp Applications) (very Important)
- Evaporator Coil Model
- Type of Temperature Controls
(High Temp Walk-ins)
- Storage Product List   (Type of Items you plan to store in the cooler.)
- OEM Packaged Units
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