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California Refrigeration Co.  Serving Santa Clara County for over 35 years
California Refrigeration Co.  Serving Santa Clara County for over 35 years
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Serving Santa Clara County for over 36 Years
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2)  Questions to Ask Your Contractor:  (Record and Compare all Answers)

    What Horsepower Model is the Condensing Unit?
    What Kind of a  Compressor Warranty am I getting?
    What Kind of a  Labor Warranty am I getting?
    What Kind of a Parts Warranty am I getting?

Box Sizing is an important step. Try to anticipate any growth requirements when sizing a walk-in box (if space permits.)  Remember, over packing a walk-in box will reduce cooling efficiency. Obtain your shelving dimensions and sketch out a comfortable layout pattern. Proper access improves efficiency, saves time and is less conducive to accidents occurring within the container.

Skin Material comes in many forms. Brushed or Dimpled Aluminum is probably the most popular, but is a little more difficult to clean. Stainless Steel is the easiest to maintain, but is the most expensive.  I feel that the Aluminum Series Boxes will serve well in most cases. 

Temperature Requirements will depend upon the products you plan to store in the container. Food Products such as Vegetables and meats will survive well at 37 to 39 degrees F.  Beer and Soft Drinks will do best at 34 to 35 deg. F range. Be sure to give serious consideration to your Humidity Requirements.

Most Ice Creams remain "Scoopable" at around 5 deg. F. and probably around -10 to -20 for long term storage.

Field Piping Standards Request is the action of you specifying certain parameters for your contractor to follow in regards to the way they install the piping that goes from the Evaporator (Cooling Coil inside the walk-in) to the Remote Condenser (usually on the roof of the building).

My main concern in this area is if the piping has to run within an interior wall or not. Remember, where there is a joint, there is a chance for a leak.

Copper Piping comes in standard Rolled Lengths of  50ft. (continuous, no seams).
If your Compressor Run is something less than 50 ft. and must follow up through an interior wall, or any inaccessible space, we strongly suggest you specify Seamless and Joint-less runs through these areas.
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