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California Refrigeration Co.  Serving Santa Clara County for over 35 years
California Refrigeration Co.  Serving Santa Clara County for over 35 years
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Humidity Requirements (High Temp Walk-ins Only) are extremely important. Humidity is the amount of "Moisture" in the air. Typically, the Refrigeration process dries out the air within the Refrigerated space.

Moisture in a Walk-in Box ?   Who Needs it ?
That depends on the product that you are storing. Bakery and Floral Items require very high humidity, otherwise, the product would "Dry Out."  Bottled and canned goods can survive very low humidity conditions.

How do we control the humidity in a walk-in box ?
Picture this, inside the walk-in is the Evaporator Coil, it is usually mounted on the ceiling and is used to circulate the air through the cooling coils, absorbing the heat loads and expelling the cold. The air that is entering the rear side ("Intake") of the evaporator coil is at a given temperature, the air leaving the "Discharge" side of the coil is now colder than it was when it first came in through the "Intake Side." That Difference in Temperature is what as known as the "Coil TD" (Temperature Difference) capacity of the evaporator coil. The Golden Rule is,  the Greater the "TD," the LOWER the humidity will be.

Therefore, if one were to  use a smaller evaporator coil (less money) and really crank up that "TD," it would really cool that box down quick.....but don't plan on storing any Bakery or Floral goods in there and expect them to last because it will be a very "Dry" box.

To Effectively Increase the humidity, a much larger coil surface is required to cool the same box at matched capacity, but with much less of a "TD." It takes a large coil area to accomplish this, which unfortunately,  means more money.

Evaporator Coil Model:
Oh yes, the old standard 1 to 6 fan, ceiling mounted blower coil, you know, its the thing that hangs down from the ceiling an inside edge of your walk in box, its the thing that is usually located right where you wanted to put that extra tall shelf that would instantly solve your storage problems, if you could put it there!

Well, you really don't have to put up with that style of Evaporator Coil if you choose not to,  But,  if you have your contractor engaged in a bidding war, and you have not specified the evaporator coil type, that's the style you will probably end up with. Don't get me wrong now, the old style coils are very cost effective and function quite well. Its just that we think you should be aware of all your options which will help enhance your ability to make informed choices.

One particular choice of evaporator coil that would leave all the interior walls free from obstruction would be the Ceiling Mounted, Low Profile, Side Discharge model. This little jewel mounts about Center of the Walk-in box Ceiling. There are also "Corner" mounted Coils that may serve your needs.
See also "OEM Packaged Units" on this subject.
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