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California Refrigeration Co.  Serving Santa Clara County for over 35 years
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Types of Temperature Controls:  (High Temp. Only)
I would like to focus on the "Temperature Controlling Method" used in the High Temp boxes rather than the model of thermostat that is used to control the box temperature.

Basically, there are two common methods used to control the temperature inside a High Temp. Walk-in box:

  -  Low Pressure Cut-Out / Cut In Control System (High Temp Only)
  -  Continuous Pump Down Control System

A "Low Pressure" temperature controlled "High Temp" box utilizes what we call a "Low Pressure Control Switch." This type of control is acceptable and works well in mild climates. The controller senses Compressor Crank Case Pressure to determine the temperature in the walk-in. This Control Switch in normally located and mounted to the Condensing Unit (Compressor) assembly.

However, in cases where the condenser is exposed to outside (open air) weather conditions, the system will most likely fail to start if the ambient air temperature falls below the specified temperature of the walk-in.   i.e.  If the box temperature is set to Cut-In at 38 deg. F and the outside air Temperature is 30 or 34 deg. F, the system will most likely fail to start. In some cases, the installation of a compressor "Crank Case Heater" will help minimize these types of failures, but not always. There is a Question and Answer on this issue on our FAQ page also.

The "Continuous Pump Down" type of temperature control system eliminates this kind of problem all together. Among one of its many advantages to system reliability, the Continuous Pump Down System offers superior temperature control which utilizes a "Dial In" thermostat that is mounted inside the walk-in box and a "Liquid Line Solenoid Valve. The temperature settings on this type of system are "User Friendly" and can be changed without Technical Assistance and the pesky Cold Weather Start Up problems will not be prevalent. Also, there are other mechanical advantages that will be reaped from this type of control system, such as extending compressor life due to the fact that the compressor will be subjected to easier "start up" conditions.

Storage Product List:
Be aware of the products that you plan to store in your new Walk In Box. Try to anticipate future needs or requirements. One of the most common mistakes made is the failure to anticipate heat loads created by placing large super heated containers of food products into the Walk In Box, such as Hot Soups, Freshly Cooked Meats etc. If you plan to practice this method of chilling, convey these requirements to you contractor so they can adequately size the system capacity. To alter the system capacity at a later date to compensate for these types of heat loads can be financially painful, but you can do it now, before its built,  for pennies on the dollar.

And, of course, lets not forget about our humidity requirements for the intended products.
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