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California Refrigeration Co.  Serving Santa Clara County for over 35 years
California Refrigeration Co.  Serving Santa Clara County for over 35 years
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Serving Santa Clara County for over 36 Years
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During the course of my experience I have seen way to many "Medium Temp" compressors being used in "High Temp" applications and have witnessed the consequences and long term effects of this seemingly, accepted practice.

We, at California Refrigeration Co. strongly recommend that if you are designing a "High Temp Application" Walk In Box, that you Specify to your contractor / sales person, and insist on using a "High Temp Model" Condensing Unit. And insure that all of your bids are equal in specifications.

What Kind of a  Compressor Warranty am I getting?
No matter what you have heard or what you have been told, here is the punched line on compressor warranties, and how they work.

The Standard Manufacture Compressor Warranty is ONE YEAR ONLY and DOES NOT cover Labor nor any of the other materials required to replace it, unless the claim is within the specified "Labor Warranty Period.   The standard manufacture warranty starts and ends right there !  Any further protection above and beyond the Standard Manufacture Warranty is between you, the person who sold it to you and or the sale / purchase of private warranty extension packages.

There are many Warranty packages available to the consumer, and sometimes they get a little mixed up in these "Packaged Deals" if they are fueled by the heat of a "Bidding War."

The Most Popular Compressor Warranty is the Four Year Extended Warranty giving you a total of 5 year Compressor Only Protection. The one year LABOR warranty is yet another option.

I recommend that you "Specify" the warranty package you want or have your contractor / sales person "Spell Out" the exact warranty package you will be receiving with your new equipment.

What Kind of a  Labor Warranty am I getting?
Basically, Labor Warranties are like Parts Warranties, there are optional packages available. They start out at "30 day Start Up Only" all the way through to 5 year packages.

Know what you are getting. And get it in writing.

What Kind of a Parts Warranty am I getting?
Parts Warranties usually cover the other parts in the particular covered item. Look for the Term "Full Parts and Labor," if its in your contract, you are well protected.
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