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California Refrigeration Co.  Serving Santa Clara County for over 35 years
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How to help insure that you are serving clean, clear, safe ice cubes
SAVE MONEY at the same timeit
If you make your own ice, your machine must be properly maintained and sanitary, and your water source must be safe. It is not just common sense ... it is the law! The Federal Food Code is the standard. Chapter 1 part 1-201.10 defines Ice as food.

Your customers demand high-quality clean ice which will also enhance the taste of the iced drinks you are serving them. So, it really is vitally important to make certain your ice machines are functioning efficiently and dependably. Proper water filtration and a good preventive maintenance provides the best assurance of cost-effective ice machine operation and returning customers, which will put money in your pocket.

The benefits of making sure the right water filter is installed
To improve water conditions, ice machine manufacturers recommend that all end users install water filters on their ice machines. Without a water filter, poor water quality can cause ice cubes to stick on evaporators during the harvest sequence, resulting in freeze-up or even failure of major components. It is essential, however, to specify a water filter that meets the specific needs of each application. For example, installing a residential filter for a commercial application is a mistake. Residential filters do not have the capacity to filter the volume of water required for commercial ice machines.

Even with the best water conditions, ice machines should be cleaned and sanitized at least twice a year. In some applications where the water quality is poor or the environment is demanding, an ice machine must be cleaned much more often. For example, in an application where the ice machine is located near an oven used to bake bread, the ice machine must be cleaned more often to remove yeast bacteria, which can negatively impact both the ice machine's performance and its product. Facilities that brew beer might encounter similar problems. Cleaning and sanitizing an ice machine includes circulating a cleaning solution through the water system twice, once to remove buildup and a second time for sanitizing. Our technicians will remove, clean and sanitize the water-related components in your ice machine, including the water distributor, ice-thickness sensor, cube-size sensor, evaporator and reservoir that holds the water. We will use the right cleaning solution for your ice machines type of evaporator  Machines with a nickel-plated evaporator require a special cleaning solution that is designed to prevent damage to the nickel plating that is applied to the evaporator's surface.

We can help you avoid costly mistakes
The proper water filter needs to be installed that that address the specific problems associated with your water supply. For instance, there is very little value in installing a water filter for hard water when the chlorine levels are the real problem. Certain water filters remove undesirable taste and odor from the water which will improve your iced product. Foul taste caused by chlorine can be removed by most commercial water filters. Higher quality filters can remove up to 90 percent of the chlorine by using activated-carbon technology. We will consider all the factors related to both your water supply and the operating environment in which your ice machine is operating.

Cleaning and sanitizing your machine/s to improve performance and promote health is Important.  Implementing a planned maintenance regimen for your ice machines that includes a cleaning and sanitizing schedule is essential to help prevent unexpected costly failures. Neglecting routine maintenance can allow scale, slime, bacteria, mold, algae and other harmful microorganisms to build up inside your machine, resulting in failure, reduced production capacity, inefficient performance or poor ice quality.

Together, we can custom design a preventative maintenance program tailored to fit your needs for your ice machine/s, HVAC and/or refrigeration equipment.

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