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Cold Facts on PM Services

Facts On PM Service

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Preventative Maintenance is a  Service Program where by your Refrigeration and A/C Equipment are Inspected and Serviced as required on a "Scheduled" basis.

We Recommend and offer Scheduled Preventative Maintenance Services to all of our customers. Please keep in mind that all Mechanical Equipment needs to be checked and serviced on a regular basis, failure to do so can and will result in premature failure and most likely, more extensive repairs.

Regular Service will  insure reliability, increase longevity and, improve the operational efficiency of your equipment.

A Note about PM Services:  We strive to do our very best to detect potential problems while conducting a PM Service, however, like all mechanical equipment, failures will and do occur. Our PM Services will reduce the percentages of failures and increase equipment Reliably, Longevity, and Efficiency which saves you money.  The Schedule or Frequency of this service is based upon several parameters:

  • Customers Needs
  • Equipment Usage
  • Equipment Location
  • Ambient Conditions
  • Age of Equipment
  • Warranty Requirements
  • Air Filtration Requirements
  • Service Evaluations

What we do at each PM service: Each piece of listed Refrigeration Equipment will be inspected for proper Holding Temperature, Refrigerant Levels, Condenser Cleanliness, Gasket/Seal Condition, Air Circulation and Overall General Condition. All motors and bearings will be lubricated where applicable. Your Ice Machines will undergo the same inspections as above but will also undergo our stringent Ice Production verification testing and inspected IAW local health dept. sanitation standards.

Materials Supplied by us: We will provide all the materials normally used in the course of our Routine service program such as, Lubricants (elect. Motor oil), grease for bearings, and high-pressure co2 for condenser maintenance. (Refrigerants and equipment replacement parts and labor to replace same, are excluded from the materials supplied and will be billed separately.)
Additional Materials and Labor: During the course of our Routine service we may discover equipment problems that may need to be addressed, such as parts failure, gas leaks, damaged, broken or missing components, excessive holding temperatures etc. Upon the Discovery of such failed equipment, your office, or whom you specify, will be notified and a recommended repair and estimated cost of these additional repairs will be quoted. All additional labor and materials needed to repair these Discovered problems will be billed separately.

We know you have choices and we thank you for considering our services for all of your Refrigeration and HVAC needs.

For more information on these services, contact us by calling 408-281-8600.
Some common Questions & Answers on this subject can also be found on our FAQ page.

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